Earl Dibbles Jr. is something of a mystery man. He's an enigma. He doesn't do interviews, but Granger Smith has always been willing to discuss his alter ego — but one question stumped him in a recent interview. Watch as Smith talks about Dibbles Jr.'s choice for president, thoughts on Pokemon Go and more.

Taste of Country caught up with Smith prior to his set at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn. The singer is set to hit the road with Florida Georgia Line later this fall, and after revealing whether Dibbles Jr. has ever hit on the singer's wife, Amber, he opens up about the couple's new baby boy and what he's most looking forward to about touring with Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard.

On Smith's new Remington album, Dibbles Jr. has a new song called "'Merica" that the singer says would be perfect for someone's campaign song. He enjoyed making the music video and is thrilled with the result. However, all of those hours on a green screen left him thirsting for some interaction. Fortunately, he finds it near-nightly.

Smith is one of the hardest working acts in country music, playing hundreds of shows a year. At WE Fest, Dibbles Jr. closed the set with a rowdy, dip-fueled encore that left his loyal fans satiated. In addition to "'Merica," Dibbles Jr. sings "City Boy Stuck" and "The Country Boy Song"

Need more from Earl Dibbles Jr.? Watch him give Taste of Country viewers a tour of his tour bus below.

Earl Dibbles Jr. Bus Tour

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