Granger Smith has played many festivals across the U.S., but on Friday afternoon (Aug. 5), he made his debut at WE Fest 2016 in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Performing for 90-minutes, the singer proved why he's one of the most respected new acts with a high-energy set that never wavered.

"This is my very first time to experience WE Fest," Smith said several songs into his set, explaining that he had been admiring past festival T-shirts displaying names of past WE Fest performers like Taylor Swift and George Strait.

"I hope that one day my little name on today's WE Fest becomes something bigger," he admitted.

Throughout his performance, Smith effortlessly segued from more upbeat numbers like "19 Forever" and "Merica" to ballads like the sentimental "Oxygen" for his wife and "Echo," off his latest album Remington. Smith proved an animated frontman, even running into the crowd to take selfies with decorated fans and shake hands. During "We Do It in a Field," he walked on each seat in the front row as fans rushed the stage.

Smith ended his set with a cover of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" before he moved into his first No. 1 hit, "Backroad Song," which had the audience singing along word for word. As fans of the singer know, no Granger Smith show is complete without an appearance from Earl Dibbles Jr. In fact, several people in the crowd were dressed as Dibbles — Smith's alter ego — complete in jean overalls and a wife beater.

Minutes after Smith finished his set, he ran back out on stage waving his Yee Yee flag as the band began to play "Country Boy Song." After pulling out a monstrous wad of dip to chew, Dibbles autographed the bag and threw it into the crowd to screams and then ran off the stage.

An unforgettable set, Smith's debut at WE Fest was an impressive one. WE Fest runs through Aug. 6 in Detroit Lakes, Minn., with headliners Kid Rock and Tim McGraw.

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