CNN has obtained up domestic broadcast rights for Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me, a moving documentary about the talented singer's struggle with Alzheimer's. The network plans to broadcast the Glen Campbell documentary this year in June and November.

"We look forward to having the Campbells’ brave story — unfortunately familiar to too many American families — on CNN," says producer Trevor Albert. "This partnership will guarantee that millions of people will have the opportunity to see our movie and understand just how important it is to both raise awareness — and find an end — to Alzheimer’s disease." Albert hopes that the documentary will increase awareness and support for the debilitating disease.

The documentary revolves around the farewell tour Campbell embarks on after learning he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The heartfelt, poignant film follows he and his family's battle with the devastating disease. An ode to the power of music and the importance of family, the heart-wrenching documentary is one which stays with viewers long after the final credits stop rolling.

I'll Be Me contains many of Campbell's biggest hits, including "I'm Not Gonna Miss You," the last song that he ever recorded. Co-written with Julian Raymond, Campbell's touching song won the 2015 Grammy for Best Country Song. It was also nominated for an Academy Award and was performed by Tim McGraw during the Oscars — a highlight of the Feb. 22 show.

Although Campbell was too ill to attend the Oscars, his family was in attendance to see the performance.

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