Glen Campbell's son, Shannon Campbell, has released a very special tribute to his ailing father.

Campbell has been nominated for two Grammys and an Oscar for the final song of his career, 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You,' in which he looks back poignantly on his life and all of the things his progressing Alzheimer's is slowly taking from him. The song appears in the documentary film 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me,' for which cameras followed the legendary singer on his final tour as his disease progressed.

The video for the song provides a look inside Campbell's final recording session, but he never got the opportunity to perform the song live. So Shannon Campbell set up in the attic of Campbell's home in Nashville and performed the song as a tribute to his dad, who now resides in a care facility.

His touching rendition demonstrates that the young musician -- who performed onstage with his father on tour -- inherited Campbell's musical ability. Accompanied by a simple violin and light percussion, he delivers the haunting tune in an acoustic guitar and vocal arrangement that is fittingly true to the original recording.

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