Glen Campbell's wife Kim, is speaking out about her husband after news broke that he has been moved into a facility that specializes in Alzheimer's care. Fans have known about Campbell's battle with the disease since 2011. The move came because his condition had been getting increasingly worse.

After the Nashville Film Festival, where the documentary of Campbell's farewell tour 'Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me' screened, she spoke with reporters about how her husband is still maintaining his positivity despite the move.

"He has trouble communicating [but] he's happy and content and still has his sense of humor," she says. "He's doing pretty well, considering everything. We see him every day. We had him out to the house last night and we all had dinner together with the family."

The family also confirmed Campbell was moved to the facility for his own safety. He required constant attention, often wandering around at night, picking up knives and refusing to relinquish them. "[It's dangerous] with all the household appliances and dish soap liquid and olive oil. He'll drink anything ... if you lose concentration for a second, he could hurt himself," daughter Ashley said, according to People.

On his first day at the facility, he played music for the residents. They say the 77-year-old has made friends and adapted quickly to the new pace of life.

The film that screened also showed Campbell's battle with Alzheimer's, several parts of it addressed how difficult it had been for him to overcome. At the end of the film, the audience seemed to approve of the film after they gave it a standing ovation.