The iconic Glen Campbell has contributed to country music in lasting ways, and his presence in the industry (since 1958) will never be forgotten. However, the singer is battling Alzheimer's, and now more than ever, his family needs to remember the good memories -- because each day is a struggle. 

In a new Country Weekly cover story, it's revealed that Campbell now requires constant attention, has problems speaking and can no longer tour. His loving wife, Kim, their daughter, Ashley, and Campbell's producer Julian Raymond share their feelings and insights about living with Alzheimer’s and how the singer's illness has affected their daily lives, also delving into the details of his diagnosis and what lies in store for his future.

Campbell's wife reveals that some side effects of Alzheimer's include anxiety, agitation and depression, which the 'Gentle on my Mind' hitmaker has experienced. “One time, he couldn’t use the television remote,” she says. “He knew what it was but couldn’t figure out how to use it. And he got so agitated that he threw the remote at the television."

Campbell's daughter, Ashley -- a musician who toured with her dad in 2011 and also made an emotion plea to lawmakers regarding research for Alzheimer's -- dishes that her father would often forget the words to his own songs while onstage. “It’s heartbreaking to see this disease robbing him of what he does best,” she says.

Campbell announced previously that he would release an album of re-recorded hits entitled 'See You There,' which will be released on August 13, according to Surfdog.  While this upcoming album is certainly exciting, the looming fear of the future is difficult, as the disease is taking its course on his mind and body.

Campbell's family is simply trying to take one day at a time, and his wife says, “I just go day to day and try to keep him happy and healthy."

The country singer courageously announced that he had Alzheimer's two years ago and has kept his fans up-to-date since. As he continues to fight this debilitating and heartbreaking disease, his longtime fans will continue to stand behind him, always remembering Campbell as brave, talented and forever impactful in the world of country music.

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