Granger Smith’s first project with well-known producer Frank Rogers results in four tracks reminiscent of one of Rogers' most well-known clients. It’s not fair to say Smith sounds like Brad Paisley on 4X4, but he brings many of the same qualities.

Heartfelt nostalgia and a truly unique sense of humor define both men’s music. “Backroad Song” is a simple lyric sung along a simple melody, but his interpretation and the arrangement add complex color and emotion. The same can be said of “Tailgate Town,” the finest of the four tracks on 4X4.

“In this tailgate town / Just a needle on a map dot route / Hundred miles from a highway sound / In the middle of nowhere / Where time came and went / Flying by like a new Corvette / But we ain’t left it yet / We’re still kicking around / This tailgate town,” he sings at the chorus.

Smith's wit also lives inside his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr., who returns with “City Boy Stuck,” a song about a city boy getting stuck in the country. Part of the proud redneck’s charm is his dogged appreciation of black and white concepts. Dip, guns, cold beer … that’s pretty much who Dibbles is.

On his second recorded cut, he’s as entertaining as he was on "The Country Boy Song." “You can pop that clutch you can pop that collar / I’m gonna pop this top while I holler,” Dibbles shouts before a chorus that contains this gem: “City boy stuck / He’s worthless as a one-point buck.”

A full album from Dibbles would be overkill, and Smith knows that. He’s as clever a songwriter as he is a businessman — another quality he shares with Paisley.

Key Tracks: "Backroad Song," "City Boy Stuck"

Ceiling Crasher: This EP is Smith's first collaboration with producer Frank Rogers. He says he'll be aiming for radio airplay more aggressively in the future. There's a ceiling to what he's doing now, and it's nearing quickly.

Did You Know?: Jeff Foxworthy asked Smith to do his Earl Dibbles Jr. character on the spot. The somewhat reserved singer obliged, but quickly realized he was not cut out for standup comedy.

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