Granger Smith’s "Backroad Song" begins a new chapter in the popular indie singer's career. The track is the first fruit of a collaboration with producer Frank Rogers, the man at the helm of many of Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker's most successful albums.

Fans won’t immediately notice a difference. Strong songwriting is still what anchors Smith, and "Backroad Song" doesn’t lack vivid imagery or precise metaphors. Melodically, the song is very easy to fall into.

Ooh, freedom is the miles I’m rolling on / Ooh, out here cruising to a backroad song / I feel the wheels like a melody / Like a radio dialing in strong / Come on, come on, sing along, sing along / To my backroad song,” Smith sings at the chorus.

The first verse sets the scene with just two quick lines, delivered so matter-of-factly one nearly misses the beauty. “Barbed wire fence carving out a hillside / Cutting holes in the midday sun / Like a postcard framed in a windshield, covered in dust.”

Later, lines like “The breeze smells like a summertime hayfield that’s just been cut” are hardly original, but no less effective. "Backroad Song" is country music you can see and nearly smell. The addition of Rogers is meant to fine-tune Smith’s sound so he can reach a wider audience. He’s already got a nice head start over those looking for the same thing.

Why Fans Will Love It: Smith's sharp lyrics paint a picture too pretty to ignore.

Key Lyrics: "Ooh, freedom is the miles I’m rolling on / Ooh, out here cruising to a backroad song."

Did You Know?: "Backroad Song" is Smith's first single from the upcoming 4X4 EP, which is set to be released May 4.

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