Granger Smith is back home in Texas and recuperating after a terrible stage fall in New Jersey on Friday (Dec. 2), which resulted in two broken ribs and a punctured and partially collapsed lung.

The singer offered an update on his condition through is social media accounts on Tuesday morning (Dec. 6), letting fans know he's feeling better.

"Update: Out of the hospital, back in TX & starting to regain movements. The outpouring of support has me feeling VERY blessed. Thank y'all!" he writes alongside a photo of himself resting on the couch, giving a thumbs up.

Smith was admitted to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J. following his Friday night show and thanked the hospital for its professionalism in a press release.

"I truly appreciate all the doctors and nurses at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital," Smith says. "Their resolve and professionalism were reassuring during a pretty rough few days for me."

Smith's remaining tour dates for 2016 have been canceled, but the singer promises that he'll make it up to fans.

"I've had so many emails and tweets. It's pretty amazing that so many people have reached out from across the country. I feel so blessed to have more than just support for my music from fans and radio," he admits. "It's deeply humbling to have fans that personally care so much."

The rising star was standing on a monitor when it gave way, sending him plummeting from the stage, where he then crashed into a metal barricade. He bounced up quickly, "It must have been a city boy that put that up there.” He then finished the rest of his set, fighting through excruciating pain.

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