Not everyone is a natural interviewer, and Granger Smith learned this firsthand during a recent segment of Worst Interview Ever with 107.7 WGNA’s Nick Kessler.

Donning his YeeYee hat, Smith is introduced to Kessler, who promises he never gets his video interviews sponsored and will never sell out. Seconds later, Kessler opens a can of Smith's YeeYee energy drink while reading about the drink as the camera zooms in on a closeup of the can. Moments later, Kessler awkwardly tries to open up a package and give Smith a pin from St. Jude. No, Kessler asserts, he certainly isn't someone looking for a sponsor.

As Kessler nervously flips through his notebook, he confides in Granger.

"I admit I'm not the best interviewer," he says. "But 'If the Boot Fits.' Is that a Cinderella reference? A lot about boots. One thing I feel that doesn't get enough play is sandals."

Smith laughs and goes along with Kessler, but disagrees on the sandals reference. "Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett probably do pretty well with sandals," Smith says.

Then things take a turn for the really awkward.

"You know what we'd call you if you were a park ranger?" Kessler asks.


"Ranger Granger. You know what you were until a minute ago? Granger stranger," the interviewer adds without missing a beat.

Always a gentleman, Smith nods along and smiles saying, "Now we're good friends."

The awkwardness persists throughout all four minutes of the interview but the entire time, Smith is a great sport as he sits beside Kessler calmly with a smile. Watch above for the complete interview.

It's all part of an ongoing series in which Kessler pretends to be an inept interviewer for comedy effect. Previous targets have included Toby Keith and even Garth Brooks.

Smith recently took the stage at the 2017 CRS New Faces of Country Music show in Nashville after recovering from a stage fall that he suffered in December of 2016.

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