"Red Fire Night" is the first taste of Green River Ordinance's upcoming Fifteen album, and it's a song to savor. The fiddle-heavy bluegrass mix is warm and imaginative. It's a song that sticks with you.

While it could be interpreted as a love song, "Red Fire Night" leaves doors open for any group of friends looking to have fun on a long weekend getaway.

“Throw your bags in my old Bronco / Three-day week and then it’s time to go / Radio singing, 'Let the good times roll' / Man, don’t it feel alright," singer Josh Jenkins says to begin after an a cappella chorus and lengthy musical introduction.

The band's tight harmonies are the backbone of "Red Fire Night," but the song quickly turns into a country jam. The second verse goes:

“Twenty dollars on the Czech Stop run / Writin’ fast trying to beat the sun / To hell the worries, no we ain’t got none / Man, don’t it feel alright.”

Fifteen is set to be released on Jan. 22, 2016.

Why Fans Will Love It: The upbeat, bluegrass-fueled "Red Fire Night" is a feel-good song that begs to be heard live.

Key Lyrics“Meet me under that red fire night / Down by the willows in the Tennessee pines / I’ll bring the whiskey, you bring the wine / We’ll make a few memories on a red fire night.”

Did You Know?: The band gets its name from green river ordinances, which restrict door-to-door sales.

Listen to Green River Ordinance, “Red Fire Night”

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