Gretchen Wilson's 360-acre farm in Wilson County Tennessee is for sale. The singer had shared the house with her daughter Grace, her uncle Vern Heuer and several other family members, but the sudden death of Heuer made the property too much of a sad memory to keep.

“We just can’t be there without him,” Wilson says, according to the Tennessean. “It’s not the same anymore. Everywhere I look, I see him. I miss him."

Heuer was just 44-years-old when he died of a heart attack in September. The two were very close; both had been bouncers at Big O's Bar in southern Illinois before Wilson moved to Nashville. In 2004, the then 31-year-old Wilson told '60 Minutes' that he would handle the men, and she would handle the women.

It's not clear at this time where Wilson will move, or how much she's asking for the property, which includes a recording studio. In 2009, she told PEOPLE she could imagine herself being there for the rest of her life, but not any longer.

“It’s a great place for a tight family,” she says. “That was our dream, to live and work together there. The dream will have to live on for someone else now.”

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