Gretchen Wilson is reaching beyond country music for her upcoming 'Right on Time' album, but her new single 'Still Rollin'' proves that a wider palate doesn't necessarily mean more creativity. The piano-driven song sounds borrowed from Bob Seger, perhaps a cut that didn't make his 'Stranger in Town' album.

From time to time, every artist is compelled to record a sort of career reflection. These songs typically make good album cuts, but lousy singles. Wilson's turn lacks the emotion she's poured into earlier poignant works.

"People come and go / Some you love and some you don't / Some you lose and some you learn to let go," she sings to close the first verse. "And I don't know what I'm trying to find / Stealing love on borrowed time / Always missin' what I've left behind."

The classic rock influence overshadows her country pedigree. There's no shame in stepping outside one's genre, and in fact Wilson has done just that with marvelous success in the last year. 'One Good Friend' was a dedicated soul song, and it was brilliant. The lyrics and performance on 'Still Rollin'' feel lazy by comparison.

"I can't slow down / I can't tell you where I'm bound / Maybe I'm just spinning 'round and 'round / Maybe I'm a page / Of written words I can't erase / A book of songs I sing from stage to stage," she sings during the second verse.

2013 will be a big year for Wilson. She's releasing 'Right on Time' on April 2, followed by an album of '70s rock covers called 'Under the Covers' on May 28 (according to Nashville Country Club). 'Still Rollin'' seems built for the latter project.

2 Stars

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