'Country Strong' star (and, you know, Academy Award-winning actress) Gwyneth Paltrow hosted 'Saturday Night Live' on Jan. 15, and she of course promoted the film while showing off her flair for the comedic in her opening monologue. Country music was, in fact, the central theme of the segment. Paltrow hilariously "stumbled" through a rendition of the Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton hit 'Islands in the Stream' with Jason Sudekis subbing as Rogers, white beard, white suit and all.

First, Paltrow, revealing her knockout figure in a strapless black sheath, spoke of her passion for country music, and proceeded to incite giggles by overcompensating and poking fun at herself for being new to the genre by acting like an encyclopedia and pretending to be a knowledgeable diehard. She said she "studied for months and months" in preparation for her 'Country Strong' role and that she's "really come to love" the genre. She then went on to say she loves country's classic artists, like Johnny Cash, "Roy Something" and "the lady with the hair and the big boobs," an obvious reference to Parton!

When Sudekis popped on stage as the unmistakable Rogers, Paltrow called him Garth Brooks. The pair began to sing 'Islands in the Stream,' with Paltrow hysterically muffing the lyrics throughout. Then, musical guest Cee Lo Green -- whose song 'Forget You' Paltrow sang during her 'Glee' guest spot last fall -- showed up. The duet transformed into a threesome, where they finished the song like it was second nature. Another cast member paraded around as Parton, and Paltrow was overjoyed to see "The Boob Lady."

In another skit, Paltrow played Taylor Swift, complete with tendrils and a guitar, and performed at a young boy's Bar Mitzvah. She joked "I am a foot taller than the tallest man here" before launching into 'You Belong With Me' with a Bar Mitzvah twist where the lyrics were Jewish-centric, tossing off phrases about sitting shiva and wearing Loehmann's clothes. The segment was a winner.

Overall, Paltrow's country-leaning skits demonstrated why she has endeared herself to the country community.

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