Hank Williams, Jr.'s latest release, 'That Ain't Good,' is one for working men and women all over the country. With a bluesy country sound that beckons back to Williams' heyday as the rowdy king of country in the '80s, the lead single off of Jr.'s upcoming 'Old School, New Rules' album is an honest-to-goodness blue collar tune. The music video for 'That Ain't Good,' and it will strike a chord with everyone who has ever gotten fed up at work.

Alternating between clips of Williams playing guitar and singing the lyrics with his soulful country drawl are shots of a man who is absolutely had it up to here with his life. The opening shot finds the man throwing a fit at his job at a news station. He throws his script on the news desk, yanks his tie off and storms out of the room. Unfortunately, as he settles down at his desk to regain his composure, the mailman delivers divorce papers. After hitting his breaking point alone in a stairwell, the video's sad protagonist says a prayer for help, and heads to the bar to have a beer and calm down.

While we don't recommend throwing a similar fit in front of your boss, there's something inspiring about watching this video. That's what Williams is trying to get across -- the fact that eventually everyone reaches their breaking point and, well, 'That Ain't Good.'

In the end, there's always help to be found. Check out the clip below to see if you can identify with the man in the video.


Watch Hank Williams Jr.'s 'That Ain't Good' Music Video