It's possible that you haven't heard of more than one of the five artists on the 2013 Hot on the Horizon list, but it's likely that by the year's end, you'll be humming songs from all five. They come from all over. The duo members are full-time actresses, the female soloist is a Canadian with a heartbreaking story to tell, and one of the two male vocalists has a voice that will stop you like a shot of tequila.

There's no age restriction for this list, as the term "newcomer" can apply to a teenage kid or a man pushing 40. If you hear Drake White, Jaida Dreyer, Joel Crouse or any of the other acts on this list are coming to town, put down a few bucks to watch them play. In a few years, you'll be able to say "I was there before ..."

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    Jaida Dreyer


    Jaida Dreyer grew up in Canada, but never spent too much time in one place. The life of a rising country star fits her, as she's more comfortable on the road than in her bed. With a beautiful voice and a difficult story to tell, Dreyer is making fans with every poignant note. Listen to her latest single, the autobiographical 'Half Broke Horses,' to learn more about her. Then, check her out on Facebook.

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    Joel Crouse


    Twenty years old and full of confidence, Joel Crouse likely doesn't realize he's supposed to flail around in a sea of broken promises and Ramen noodles before finding success in Nashville. His new song 'If You Want Some' is just different enough from everything else on the radio hoping to engage younger audiences, but not so different that the traditionalists will be turned off. He'll be pretty busy this summer, opening up for Taylor Swift on the Red Tour. Like his song says, "It's gonna be ... epic."

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    Drake White


    Drake White's story is a spoonful of hope for every struggling musician looking to get discovered in Nashville. White did things the old fashioned way. First, he went to college (Auburn), and then he moved to Nashville to hone his sound before signing with MCA Records. It was a long process. They didn't try to change his style or his big smokey-blues voice (thankfully) -- not that he would have let them. "I didn't need anyone to tell me who I was or show me my identity," he tells Billboard. White has dates at festivals and at shows with Kip Moore planned for the summer. Find him on Facebook for more dates, then listen to his new single 'The Simple Life' below.

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    Lennon and Maisy


    You know these girls as Maddie and Daphne Conrad, Rayna James' daughters on the hit ABC drama 'Nashville.' Their real life parents were on CMT's 'Can You Duet,' but now they're in charge of making sure the girls (age 12 and 7) keep up with homework while they're pulled in a million new directions. Lennon and Maisey's version of 'Telescope' is a highlight from the series' first soundtrack. Their cover of 'Ho Hey' is so simple it's heartbreaking. Follow them on YouTube -- it's where they first became stars -- and bug your local radio station to put them on the air.

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    The Cadillac Three


    An opening slot with Dierks Bentley and Brantley Gilbert is how the Cadillac Three first caught fire. Back then, they were known as the Cadillac Black -- one of the coolest band names ever. They changed to the Cadillac Three after signing a record deal with Big Machine Records. Everything about Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray and Neil Mason announces an intention to blaze a new -- and likely hairy -- trail through Nashville. The trio made a guest appearance on 'Nashville' in 2012, and are currently prepping their debut album.