At each Taylor Swift tour stop, thousands of fans show up expecting to see a mind-blowing show... while secretly wondering how to meet Taylor Swift.

Of course it's plenty satisfying to watch the singer perform hits like 'Mean,' 'Love Story' and 'Our Song' in front of a theatric backdrop and her ultra-talented band of young musicians. But could you imagine coming face-to-face with the singer? How do you meet Taylor Swift? We've got tips!

Radio and Internet Contests

The first thing to do is listen to your local country radio station. In many cases, DJs will be offering a chance to meet Swift to those willing to get a little dirty, a lot embarrassed, or both. Stations may announce contests weeks ahead of time. Feel free to call and ask, but be patient. Pestering the DJ will keep you far away from the famous country singer.

If you're selected to play along, hold nothing back and prove you're a good sport. Smile, talk about your love for the radio station whenever you can, and make lots of noise. It is radio after all, so silent fun is worthless. Should you not win, accept defeat graciously. Being remembered as the sweetheart who came up short could pay off should someone back out of the meet and greet opportunity.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Fans decked out costumes, holding cardboard signs, sporting neon "13" tattoos and even blonde wigs have already figured out how to meet Taylor Swift. At shows, you'll see a sea of posters and cutouts in the parking lot and sometimes in the stands. It's a well-known fact that Taylor's mother Andrea scans the crowd looking for her daughter's biggest fans. The key to getting noticed? Get there early and be creative! T-shirts are cute, but overdone. One fan in Australia is said to have gained access to the T-Party by cutting out a giant '13' from cardboard and wearing it to the show. Another group dressed up like an actual tea party.

Don't miss the show trying to impress Mama Swift, however. She's looking for fans who fall into the music once the music starts. Get to your seat early, sing along to every song and dance like a maniac. Even if you don't end up meeting Swift, you won't regret the amazing night.

Don't Give Up

Approximately only 20 people will get invited to the T-Party, so even if you've spent hours dressing up as Juliet, your odds are slim. After the show, find the tour buses and hang out until they pull away. One Swiftie even recommends befriending the security guards to gain insider information -- or at the least to make them familiar with you, just in case. And don't give up on radio, either. You never know when a DJ could be circling the stadium looking to give out one last pair of backstage passes.

The Conclusion

The consensus on the singer's message boards is seat location doesn't make much of a difference in scoring passes to meet Taylor Swift. The keys are starting your search early, showing plenty of excitement and creativity, and being friendly to everyone you meet. Plus a lot of luck. One fan bypassed all this by making a 13 minute documentary and uploading it to YouTube. Swift's management team found it and contacted him before the show.

He got to meet Taylor Swift -- now, maybe, you can too.