Hunter Hayes is one country star who is devoted to his fans. So when the 22-year-old saw a video of a New Zealand-based Hayniac covering 'Invisible,' he did something so sweet to thank her, admitting that his fans regularly blow his mind.

During a radio interview, Paul Koffy of Buz'n 102.9 told Hayes that he'd been browsing around YouTube and saw a fan, Rachel (known as TVDHayniac24), covering the acoustic guitar part on 'Invisible.' Partway through the video, text flashed on the screen that read: "This is the part where I suddenly started thinking about the possibility of Hunter seeing this."

So, what did Koffy do? He pulled out his phone and showed Hayes the video. Then, the singer took a picture with Rachel's image on the phone screen and scrawled out a message to her saying, "You are a rock star! Stay awesome."

Hayes exclusively tells Taste of Country why he decided to respond to this simple video when so many other stars may simply watch, smile and forget.

"When I saw the video, I had to write her at least a quick message so she might know how much her video means to me," the singer spills. "It still blows my mind seeing covers of my music on YouTube, and it's astonishing to find it coming from all over the world like this!"

Adds Hayes, "I wanted her to know that she not only made my day, but inspired me! It's funny that in her letter she quotes from 'Flashlight,' because this is the kind of moment I actually wrote that song about."

Of course, when the sweet Hayes fan saw her idol's message, she was absolutely delighted and wrote a beautiful note to the radio station, which you can read here. In the note, she relates, "Living so far away in New Zealand, it’s hard for a massive fan like me to make my way to America and see him in concert/meet him or even get noticed ... Hunter was actually the one who inspired me to keep playing the guitar and not give up because his songs made me want to play along with my guitar and for him to write that message/compliment me means the world!! And I hope I can get it soon because I can then place it on my wall and have it be a reminder -- it’ll be one of the few things I will no doubt treasure forever."

She continues, "This unexpected, but awesome and sweet moment can be expressed in this lyric from Hunter’s song 'Flashlight': 'It’s the moments that save my life nobody knows about.'"

The country singer will perform 'Invisible,' 'Flashlight' and many of his other songs on his just-announced Tattoo (Your Name) Tour. The road run kicks off at the end of October in University Park, Pa., and he's bringing Dan + Shay and the Railers along for the ride.

Watch the Hunter Hayes Fan's 'Invisible' Cover