What's not to love about 'Hunger Games' actress Jennifer Lawrence? She's refreshingly honest, hilarious and oh-so-beautiful. Everyone in the world seems to be crushing on her right now (for good reason), and country star Hunter Hayes admits that he, too, may have a thing for J. Law.

Hayes has always been elusive about his love life, and he's also surprisingly bashful about his celebrity crushes, explaining last year, “My celebrity crush is not gonna find out who my celebrity crush is anytime soon. I’m so nervous! I may keep that to myself because if I do meet her and she already knows about it, that could be awkward.”

Now, it seems the 'Invisible' singer has gotten brave. When talking about famous faces he finds attractive, Hayes shares that he has at least a few. "Yeah, well I have a few! Well it seems to go along with my favorite movie characters," the singer says.

When he was asked if it was Lawrence, though, he dodged the question a bit.

"Ehh, that’s a possibility. Let’s put it this way, I’m a fan," Hayes quips, driving the point home, "Huge fan."

Since the Hollywood starlet is currently dating fellow actor Nicholas Hoult, Hayes may be out of luck. But, there's a really pretty country singer who has admitted to crushing on him, and they'll be spending lots of time together on his We're Not Invisible Tour this spring. Who knows what could happen?