Hunter Hayes kicked off 2013 with a performance at the Grammys and an eye-popping six ACM nominations. The 'Somebody's Heartbreak' singer also expects to have new music for fans this year, and he'll play the first-ever Taste of Country Music Festival this June. As for true romance? Well, he's still searching.

Hayes tells Taste of Country Nights radio that he is single and looking -- when time allows. So, what does his dream girl look like?

"I don't even have a type I don't think," the 21-year-old says. "My type is just whoever can get along with me. As geeky and as high-energy as I am it's gonna take somebody pretty patient."

He adds poignantly, "I believe when you meet the right person in clicks, and you both know and you start making it work, you know?"

The 2013 Grammy Awards found Hayes talking face-to-face with one of his musical heroes, John Mayer. The pop singer and guitar virtuoso actually sought out Hayes, rather than the other way around. "He actually found my dressing room, right before the show," Hayes shares. "He heard I was nervous and said, 'Dude, you're gonna rock it, do your thing.'"

Although he didn't win any of the awards he was nominated for, Hayes said the show was an amazing, if not humbling experience. He was seated near stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Jack White and Kelly Clarkson.

"You suddenly feel very insecure and unaccomplished as a person in life," he told the radio team, laughing.

Tickets to see Hayes and stars like Lady Antebellum and Willie Nelson at the Taste of Country Music Festival are on sale now. The three-day camping and music party takes place at Hunter Mountain in New York from June 13-15.