Hunter Hayes is brewing up a "storm" on the country singles chart with his debut release, 'Storm Warning.' The tune is the first single from Hayes' forthcoming album on Warner Music Nashville, slated for release later this year.

'Storm Warning' was penned by the 19-year-old singer, along with veteran songwriters Gordy Sampson and Busbee.

"Gordy actually came in with this idea of 'Storm Warning' as the title," Hayes tells Taste of Country. "He’s from up north in Nova Scotia, Canada, so it’s kind of surprising that he would come in with the 'Storm Warning' idea."

"I should have related [the idea] to weather," Hayes continues, "but for some strange and unapparent reason, I said, ‘Oh, I can completely relate to that! Here’s why!’ And I just went into relationship mode."

"She rolled in from the west in a summer sun dress hotter than the heat in July / With her windblown hair it just wasn't fair the way she was blowing my mind / Have you ever noticed every hurricane gets its name from a girl like this / She's the cat fight kind keeps you up at night hanging on to the edge of a kiss / She's a beautiful mess, yeah the kind you love to love," they wrote in the opening verse.

"There was this girl I wanted to hang out with and get to know and spend some time with, and there were red flags everywhere," Hayes says with a smile. "I should have known better. I knew it was going to end, and it probably wasn’t going to be pretty!"

"I'm gonna wish I had a storm warning / I'm gonna wish I had a sign / I'm gonna wish I had a little heads up, little lee-way, little more time / Some kind of radar system locked in the love / I got a feeling by the time the night finds the morning / I'm gonna wish I had a storm warning / I'm gonna wish I had a storm warning," Hayes sings in the lyrics of the song's chorus.

"For some reason, I just related that [girl] to 'Storm Warning,'" laughs Hayes. "And we ended up with this song!"

Watch Hunter Hayes Perform 'Storm Warning'