"Rollin'" is a song Jackson Michelson's fans have heard before but the new radio single is super-sized. This country jam seems made for summer or, as the case may be, to remind you what summer feels like.

A steely banjo and heavy thump hold down a heart attack arrangement that Michelson proves more than capable of keeping up with. At its core "Rollin'" is a love song, or perhaps more accurately, a lust at first sight song. It's all about how a girl makes this singer feel, with the standard number of metaphors and easy to ingest images.

Tempo and a great hook make this debut single from the Oregon native one to request. An arrangement this powerful often threatens to shut a singer out, but that's not the case with "Rollin'." Instead he stays atop the beat to drive it through the end.

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Did You Know?: In high school Michelson says he was "unstoppable." It's true, he told us!

Jackson Michelson's "Rollin'" Lyrics:

Well I ain't sayin' you grew up on a farm / But girl you got that country charm and it's working on me tonight / Yeah it's working on me tonight / There's something 'bout your southern drawl / Honey every time you say y'all / I fall a little more, I fall a little more / And those deep blue eyes / When they're locked in on mine and your smile taking me straight to heaven.

You got me rollin' on a river / Floating on a raft together / Toes hanging down in the water / You got me rollin' down a back road / Blonde hair blowing out your window / Girl you couldn't get any hotter / You got me rollin', you got me rollin’.

Yeah, well honey how about you take my hand / I'll lead you out for one slow dance / And spin you right around, yeah, spin you right around / We can rock right cross the floor / Grab your coat and hit the door / The moon's out tonight, oh it's shining bright.

We got all night / Take a, take a little midnight ride / On an airplane or a freight train / Baby I'm just sayin’.

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