Jake Owen hits the beach in his "American Country Love Song" video, and fans can truly join him. The video was shot with a 360-degree angle, allowing viewers to choose where to look in the three-and-a-half minute clip.

Directed by Joseph Itaya, "American Country Love Song" was shot in Key West, Fla., after Owen's Love Bus Road Trip from Nashville, Tenn., in his 1966 VW microbus. The clip shows Owen on the beach before heading to a tiki-bar where fans are hanging out in hopes to catch the singer perform live.

The video kicks off with a picturesque view of the beach in Key West, where Owen landed after his road trip. Fans can use the joystick at the upper lefthand side of the video to choose their view, whether it be the partly-cloudy blue skies or a glimpse of the water and the sand.

After the first verse, Owen heads to a beachside bar where a bunch of fans are seen dancing and singing along to his song. It's there that Owen takes a shot of whiskey (likely his own brand) before heading back out towards the water. The video coincides with the launch of Owen’s Beach Whiskey, which is a clear whiskey that's perfect for summertime.

"American Country Love Song" is the first single off Owen's forthcoming album American Love, which will be released on July 29.

As Owen explains, “‘American Country Love Song’ is the first song I’ve released, I even see it on Twitter, people saying, ‘aw man it feels good to have Jake back singing songs like we’re expecting from him,’ you know, or people like, ‘ah, I can’t wait til summer, ‘cause Jake’s always got a summer song.'"

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