Sometimes, remixes work and sometimes, they really work. The Jake Owen 'Beachin' [Remix]' is the latter, thanks to help from T-Pain and Mike Posner.

Owen's summertime anthem gets a fun makeover with the two artists blended in. It's easy to see the difference as soon as the song starts, when auto-tuning sets in. The country singer's voice may sound a little different as a result of the effects, which may not be every traditional fan's cup of tea, but somehow ... it works.

About a minute into the song, T-Pain's unmistakable voice drops in, adding a little rap flair to the song. He even adds a new verse to the hit song. "Shorty lookin' fine, all them bikini lines / Hope she can't read my mind. I can't stand it / Beachin'," T-Pain sings.

Nearly two minutes into the song, Posner joins in on the fun, saying, "What up, Jake?" before his unique sound adds another new element to the remix. "I'm Pose, but the girls call me Mikey / All the women here one gotta like me / I see you with the braids and the nose ring," he raps.

The 'Beachin'' remix follows in the footsteps of other big re-dos, like Florida Georgia Line's 'Cruise [Remix]' featuring rapper Nelly and Jerrod Niemann's 'Drink to That All Night [Remix]' with Pitbull. Country's influence in the pop world has never been more obvious, and this song is one that will be spinning in the most hoppin' clubs every weekend. Love it or hate it, it's definitely different and something new for Owen.

Listen to Jake Owen, 'Beachin'' Remix (feat. T-Pain and Mike Posner)

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