Jake Owen admits he got "the talk" after his recent go-kart accident and subsequent surgery. Someone sat him down and asked that he take it easy, but it wasn't his wife.

Owen says his record label asked him to slow down some, but it doesn't sound like he's obliging. The singer talked to Blair Garner and America's Morning Show recently about the accident and the aftermath, making special note of the fact that he didn't miss any shows.

"I got a little over-aggressive, I flipped my kart and I had a little injury," Owen says, referring to the accident he had while racing Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer. The singer previously said he was going about 40MPH and didn't realize that he'd shredded his right hand until he stood up.

He compared the opportunity to one he passed on -- flying with the Blue Angels. He doesn't like planes, so he didn't take that offer, but, as he says, "When NASCAR drivers that you admire and are cool ask you to race with them, there's really no difference!"

Wife Lacey didn't give Owen any flak for the crash, but he's expressed disappointment that he can't old their 8-month-old daughter Pearl as easily now. Going forward, expect nothing to change.

"People can say whatever they want but I'm gonna live my life, I'm gonna have fun and I'm gonna continue doing what I do," Owen reveals.

It may be some time before he can do what he does, however, as the right hand will be wrapped up tight for a few weeks. Doctors had to put the bones of his fingers back together. Owen has been seen in recent days wearing a camouflage sling.