Jake Owen saw a familiar face in the front row at his recent concert in Tupelo, Miss. and decided she needed to help him sing 'The One That Got Away.' The fact that the girl is six didn't stop him, and her mother certainly didn't mind. It had been a difficult few months for Ava Schipke.

The first grader and Owen know each other, somewhat -- they spoke on the phone when the little girl's mother, Kristy, tweeted that Ava was disappointed Owen didn't call her on her fifth birthday. It was a joke, but the 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' singer saw it and called her up! Ava is a Jake superfan and was very much looking forward to Owen's Sept. 25 show in Tupelo.

Kristy Schipke tells Taste of Country that in the past few months, her daughter has dealt with her parents' divorce and has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (she now gets four shots a day). She's remained Jake's No. 1 fan.

"Nobody else is even close in her world," Mom says.

The mother-daughter duo scored meet and greet passes, and when they walked in, Owen recognized them! "He looked up and said, 'Hey Ava!'" Schipke recalls. "She lit up that he remembered her."

Once the show started, Ava's eyes were glued to the country star, and it turns out he was paying attention to her, too. Watch as he grabs her hand, leads her on a tour of the instruments and lets her sing 'The One That Got Away.'

"There's no way any concert will ever compare to that experience for her," the proud mother says. "She even took her drumstick to school to show her friends!"