Jake Owen says he and wife Lacey have been struggling with communication lately, and they've even talked about divorce. But opening up about their “Real Life” issues has “made us feel better talking about the things we’ve kept from each other.”

Without going into too much detail, the singer tells Nash Country Weekly the last few months have been difficult.

"Right now — and I haven't said this a lot lately because I didn't think this was anyone's business other than mine and my wife’s — but my wife and I, for the last few months, have really been having a hard time and struggling with communication, and literally talking about divorce and all kinds of stuff," Owen says, according to America’s Morning Show.

He goes on to say that talking about it with people, and letting others know they have normal-person issues, has improved the dynamic between them. In the article Owen also talks about other normal person things he does while not on the road, like shopping at TJ Maxx and eating at McDonald’s. His 2-year-old daughter Pearl is a fan of Chicken McNuggets.

Jake and Lacey recently celebrated three years of marriage. The couple met on the set of his “Eight Second Ride” music video, but waited several years to begin dating. During recent interviews with Taste of Country he's gushed about how much he enjoys life on the road with the two ladies in his life, and how much he enjoys parenting.

“With my wife and I as a team, we’re pretty good at it,” Owen said in December.

“Real Life” is the name of his first single from an upcoming fifth studio album, but it's also a reflection of his desire to record music he connects with in more meaningful ways. He says the upcoming album will have a consistent theme.

“I’ve never made a record like that before," the 33-year-old tells ToC. "I’ve made a record with a bunch of random songs on it that worked on radio, but I want a piece of material that is consistent throughout each song, that talks about that feeling of growing up ... the feeling of looking back and the feeling of appreciating it all.”

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