We already knew Jake Owen's little Pearl was sweet, but this? This takes it to a new level. The singer shared a video of his little lady on their way to a daddy-daughter fishing trip, and judging by her excitement level, girl's going to be a fishing extraordinaire.

Dressed in a purple romper and the cutest beach hat, Pearl converses with her dad about their upcoming adventure while fittingly clutching a bag of goldfish crackers in her hand.

"Where are we going'?" Owen asks. "Goin' fishin'!" Pearl replies. "Are we going fishin'?" her dad prompts. "Yeah!" Their short little conversation highlights the similar personalities between the two; she's said to take after her wild dad, and even uses surfer words that infiltrate Owen's vocabulary.

We're sure this is just one of the many fun adventures Owen takes his girl on. Pearl was born to the 'What We Ain't Got' singer and his wife, Lacey, on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. Ever since then, she's been the center of the singer's universe, taking up prime residence in his phone's camera roll -- and for good reason. Has there ever been a more adorable little girl?

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