There was a time not so long ago when Jake Owen was just a guy from Florida with a dream of making it in Nashville. It's these very real memories that are propelling Owen to help the country hopefuls on the new singing competition show Real Country.

"These guys and girls have such big dreams," Owen tells Taste of Country about the show in which he joins Shania Twain and Travis Tritt in finding the next country music star. "It’s all they want in their life. It really forced me to remember what it once was like being an artist just like them, just starting out. This is not just a television show to them. This is their dream. They are truly learning from experience and I went back to times in my life where I did the exact same thing."

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Owen says this thrill of discovering the next country music star is just one of the many reasons why he is loving being involved in the show.

"Real Country is such a great awesome opportunity for these artists of all ages," Owen explains. "I’ve really enjoyed helping people acquire knowledge about the industry and I love getting to be a part of what’s next in country music. There is so much talent in Nashville, but this show in particular is really going to showcase that."

This is the perfect time, Owen says, to shine a bright light on the genre.

"The fact that a major network is having a show that solely focuses on the single genre of country music is a great opportunity for all of us and for country music," he admits.

Real Country premieres on USA come Nov. 13.

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