Jake Owen is nothing if not creative and able to think on the fly -- and with his fly down. The singer ripped his pants while performing onstage in Charleston, S.C. on May 17.

It was quite eventful, since he admitted via Twitter that he had gone commando and therefore had to improvise, using his white t-shirt as emergency sash to hold his pants together to avoid really putting on a show.

Owen had a terrific sense of humor about his pants predicament, and came up with a clever yet makeshift solution to a very real problem. He was said to be climbing around to say hello to a fan in the crowd, and that's when his pants parted at the seams. Necessity is the mother of invention, so he used his shirt to create a bandage of sorts that ended up looking like one of his daughter's diapers.

Only Jake Owen could make that look good, especially since he is so in shape lately. His female fans were undoubtedly happy to see the singer go shirtless.

One amused fan tweeted: "Jake Owen split his pants on stage and said, 'that's when you know you're rockin your balls off!'"

The singer himself hit the social media site following the show, writing: "Charleston, SC will never be forgotten. My jeans ripped on stage tonight. Going commando=bad idea. Although, great breeze here. Coastal town."

"Tonight was totally "nuts" in Charleston," he joked. We bet he'll never skip the undies again.

Jake Owen Ripped Pants Onstage Charleston

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