Jake Owen released a new single called "Real Life" on Tuesday (May 26), and to celebrate, he invited fans to meet him at a Nashville Waffle House for lunch ... on him!

The song pays homage (sort of) to the all-night diner with the line: “Hit the Waffle House for some real food / But that waitress, she’s real rude / She’s got real problems, we do too / But we tip her anyway" and the singer has taken off running with it — the lettering on his single cover even looks like that of Waffle House. So it wasn't too surprising when Owen asked fans to join him there, though he may not have been expecting so many people to show up.

A line formed around the building, and Owen was sure to treat everyone to more than just smothered hashbrowns. The superstar took selfies and got to know his fans a little better ... because that's "Real Life." Waffle House seemed to be pretty good sports about the event, too. They even got involved in the tweeting.

It seems there's not a lot Owen wouldn't do for his fans. On Monday, he got a tweet from one who expressed extreme disappointment in his ticket prices, but Owen had a great attitude about the whole thing:

He also clarified that his headlining shows will never cost fans that much, writing, "And btw... MY tickets are not and will NEVER be $150 dollars. I'm all about the cheapest ticket possible so everyone can come. I promise." (Owen is currently on the road with Kenny Chesney, and the bigger ticket may bring a bigger price.)

Being the good guy that he is, Owen then hooked Patti up with four tickets to the show of her choice.

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