Jana Kramer, one of country's talented females, has been struggling with her health for a few weeks now, but after a weekend hospitalization, she appears to be doing much better.

The singer started to get nervous about getting sick on April 13, when she took to Twitter announcing, "I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. Crap...I think I'm about to get sick. who's taking care of me?" Unfortunately, her determination to not get sick didn't pay off -- and she ended up falling ill.

Kramer took to Twitter, later saying, "I wish they had delivery prescription drop offs. How do i pick up meds when I'm already on meds and dizzy. #help," before adding, "You know you're single when you order an uber to pick you up to get medication. #awesome I would cry but I'm sick of blowin nose. haha."

Sadly, her nose blowing ended up in a full-blown hospital stay. She shared a photo of herself with fans, looking gorgeous and makeup-free, getting lots of fluids pumped into her fragile immune system. Kramer's Twitter caption was pretty great, stating on Saturday (April 19), "Oh hey @MileyCyrus ...let's be hospital buddies."

Thankfully, her hospital stay only lasted through the weekend, and the 'I Hope It Rains' hitmaker confirmed to fans that she was back home. "Thanks y'all for the well wishes! I'm back home and got lots of fluids in me so all is okay! Thanks for the love! #love."

This isn't the first time Kramer has been under the weather during a busy season in her life. In December 2012, she was also hospitalized, and her then-boyfriend Brantley Gilbert had to swoop her offstage and to the hospital due to her weakness, which resulted from the flu and dehydration.

Kramer is set to appear in 'Jana Kramer: Love to Love' web series which chronicles the first leg of the Country Deep Tour she headlined, which wrapped up on April 13.