Although country singer Janelle Arthur was recently eliminated from 'American Idol,' she has big plans for her future, and they definitely include country music. In fact, she's focusing on tailoring her music to the more traditional side of country, and going back to the roots of what country music is all about. 

"I definitely think that there is room for some more rootsy country music to come back into play, the 23-year-old told Billboard. "A lot of the females right now are ... doing the pop-country thing and I definitely want to do what makes sense right now for me and my life and my raising."

She adds, "It's so hard because ... you have to find that balance between what is old school and what works for today. I think if you could mix Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, and Jewel, I think that would kind of be what I’m going for."

The up-and-coming singer definitely proved on 'Idol' that she has the drive needed in the entertainment industry, as this was her third time on the show. With the connections Arthur has made, and the exposure she's had to millions of viewers all over the country, there could be good things in store for the young musician, especially as she seeks to keep traditional country music alive. Although she wasn't America's next idol, she certainly has a bright future ahead!