Hot country trio the Band Perry performed 'Done' on 'American Idol' Thursday night (May 16), and they were joined by season 12 top five finalist Janelle Arthur.

The track is a definite up-tempo, catchy tune with a strong, propulsive rhythm that sinks in immediately. It's a pretty big stretch for Arthur, who handled the challenge easily. She and Kimberly Perry both brought energy and exuberance to the performance, which was highlighted by fiery staging and strong vocal performances, as well as dramatic stops and starts. Arthur demonstrated a strong presence, holding her own on stage with the more seasoned performers and working the stage like it was her own concert.

The fun song is the second single from the bestselling sibling trio's sophomore album 'Pioneer,' and it's easy to imagine the tune being a highlight of their live shows this summer. It's the kind of song that seems specifically written to keep the enrgy pumping at a live concert, and it certainly accomplished that on Thursday night on the 'Idol' stage in Los Angeles.

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