Janelle Arthur is leaning into heartbreak as a form of therapy in her new song, "She Said Yes." The former American Idol fan favorite presents a love song about the one that got away in the plaintive new ballad, which Taste of Country readers get to hear first in this exclusive premiere.

Arthur delivers a nuanced, emotional vocal performance over a gorgeous arrangement driven by piano and strings in "She Said Yes," which a press release describes as "Adele meets country." The lyrics find her lamenting a love that she let slip through her fingers, only to see another woman marry the man she now wishes she had.

"Why didn't I see everything I had / Why did it take you loving her for me to love you back / She's only holding you because I let you go / She said yes 'cause I said no," she sings in the powerful chorus.

Arthur co-wrote the new track with Jordan Rainer during their very first writing session on the day they met. They'd been working on an entirely different song when Arthur showed Rainer her idea for the bridge, which Rainer thought was so strong that they threw out most of what they had and started over, creating an entirely new song around her idea.

"'She Said Yes' is undoubtedly a sad song," Arthur says. "I remember when I was younger and going through a hard time, the last thing I wanted to listen to was a happy song. I wanted something to cry to and sing at the top of my lungs going down the road. That was therapeutic for me. I hope this song is therapeutic for anyone going through this type of heartache."

Arthur's musical legacy runs deep. The East Tennessee native began performing at Dollywood when she was eight years old, and she came to public attention during Season 12 of American Idol in 2013, placing fifth in the overall competition. She's gone on to perform on the Grand Ole Opry, as well as recoding with country legends including Vince Gill and her childhood hero, Dolly Parton.

"She Said Yes" is set for release on Friday (April 21). The song is currently available for pre-save and pre-add across a wide variety of digital music providers.

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