Move over, Tiger King. Jason Aldean may have been crowned the Artist of the Decade at the 2019 ACM Awards, but now he has a new title: Bird King.

Aldean and his family have been keeping their distance from others, quarantining at their beach house in Florida. But the superstar recently found himself flocked by a handful of feathery friends when not one, but several birds flew inside their home.

The country star turned to Instagram to share footage of the encounter, making his best attempt at getting the birds back outside as wife Brittany — who shot the video — laughs behind the camera.

"Jase, there are so many birds in our house," she says at the beginning of the clip as birds fly across the living room and through the dining room.

"How the hell are we going to get them out of the house?" Aldean ponders aloud before letting out an "Oh sh--!." When the couple's 2-year-old son, Memphis, repeats the curse word, his mom can't help but chuckle again.

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"Listen guys, there's three of y'all here," Aldean says, attempting to reason with the birds while making a failed attempt to lead them to the doorway.

Brittany pans the living room with the camera as her husband catches (and releases) three of the birds before heading upstairs to fetch the rest that have made their way to a second level. Aldean even lets his children in on the fun, inviting Memphis and 1-year-old daughter Navy to pet one of the little birds as it rests in his palm. Though Memphis is a bit sheepish at first, he eventually trusts his dad's advice that the bird won't hurt him.

"Bird King," the superstar dubs himself in the caption. 

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