Jason Aldean's video for 'Fly Over States' falls right in line with the song's lyrics, which celebrate the people and the places that have been categorized as "fly over states." Aldean's song and his video aim to shoot down the notion that Middle America is simply the middle of nowhere.

The video begins with Aldean at a hangar, surrounded by planes, walking past them and singing his words. He's contemplative and has a lot on his mind. Then he's seated solo inside the cabin of a plane; we're not sure if he is in first class or coach. There are aerial shots of the fly over states he sings about, which indicates that such a notion is really all about perspective. It may be a fly over state in pop culture, in news coverage and to people who've never touched down there, but to millions of good, solid people, it's home.

Regular people -- farmers, truckers and the people who make America go in the least glamorous of ways -- are featured, along with the girl from Amarillo who is mentioned in one of the verses. Together they demonstrate the glory of the simple life in those fly over states.

Watch Jason Aldean 'Fly Over States' Video

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