Jason Aldean's "Girl Like You" is a sharp diversion from the traditional, imaginative tone set by his CMA nominated chart-topper "Drowns the Whiskey." The new single recalls hits from three or four years ago.

"Burnin' It Down" is the song in Aldean's  singles catalog that's most similar to this third single from Rearview Town. The Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda and Michael Tyler-written, mid-tempo love song is a progressive, beat-driven slice of sultry country and hip-hop love. Aldean's R&B influences come forefront on "Girl Like You."

You get the gist by scanning the song's title. There's nothing about how he spins his intentions that's going to drop any jaws, but the vibe of this sexy, late-night steamer is what he's counting on to give him a third straight No. 1 song.

Did You Know?: Of the 35 songs Aldean has charted on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, 19 have reached No. 1.

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Jason Aldean's "Girl Like You" Lyrics:

Love how you close your eyes when I pull you in closer / Tonight's moving fast but we ain't taking it slower / You hit me harder than a drink does / You're gonna take me all the way up / Something about you baby, got me going crazy / I don't know what to do.

I've never met a girl like you / That's ever done it quite like you do / Your kiss is double-barrel bourbon on rocks / Your lips are just the cherry on top / I've never been high like this / Turn out the lights and let me breathe you in / Your eyes are so diamond, body so gold / And I don't want to let you go / I've never met a girl like you.

Love how you say my name and make it sound so sexy / Love how you do that thing, yeah you know what gets me / I'm talking slow motion all night long / Baby, love you with the lights on.

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