What could possibly be sweeter than an adorable, cuddly baby boy? Well, the answer—at least, in the case of Jason Aldean's family—is an adorable baby boy being cuddled by his two adorable older sisters!

Aldean's wife, Brittany, posted a heartwarming shot on Instagram of her stepdaughters Keeley (who will be 15 on Valentine's Day) and Kendyl (10) posing with their little bro, two-month-old Memphis. "The sweetest sisters," she captioned the photo.

It really is a sweet scene between the siblings. Kendyl is holding the baby and giving him a bottle—and she's looking like a pro at the job already—while big sis Keeley looks on with a big smile. No sibling rivalry in evidence here (at least, not yet)!

Aldean's two older children are from his first marriage, which ended in 2013. He married Brittany Kerr in 2015 in Mexico. The couple revealed they were expecting their first child together in May of 2017, and announced the baby was a boy via social media a few weeks later. They revealed that they had chosen the name of Memphis for their son when they posted shots of his nursery in September...and Memphis himself made his debut on Dec. 1, 2017, rounding out Aldean's little blended family.

Memphis' journey through infancy has been well-documented by his mom, who keeps fans abreast of his baby milestones, cute moments, and overall progress via social media.

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