It should come as no shock that the video for Jason Aldean's latest (and lyrically altered) single, 'Take a Little Ride,' features lots of big trucks, which are driven by young, good-looking people. The song is about hitting the road, and that's just what they do in the clip, even if it's for a little recreational fun with seemingly no destination point. They essentially commandeer the vehicles and do donuts in a field... the perfect summertime activity!

But the video is not just about takin' a little ride. Overall, Aldean's 'Take a Little Ride' video is fairly simple, mixing performance footage with light narrative. The singer performs, but is not part of the rest of the action. However, the artistry comes into play when the clip is split-screened. The screen is spliced into anywhere from two to five panels throughout, with individual panels dropping like Tetris blocks and depicting different action, so you can watch multiple activities happening at the same time.

You'll see Aldean knuckle down on his guitar while performing the song, all the while watching the aforementioned young, good-looking people having as good of a time as possible on four wheels. Sometimes, one of the greatest pleasures in life is hitting the accelerator.

Aldean's 'Take a Little Ride' clip is the perfect late summer video, an ode to driving around and doing little more than kicking up dirt with your tires as the warm weather begins to give up her fight and fade to fall.

Watch the Jason Aldean 'Take a Little Ride' Video

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