Jason Aldean has named at least three, and maybe as many as five of the songs from his upcoming Rearview Town studio album. The "You Make It Easy" singer has also shared part of the story behind his new single and what he's aiming at for his eighth studio album.

The Single Was Penned by Hitmakers

Aldean told several media outlets that Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line co-wrote "You Make It Easy." "Up Down" singer Morgan Wallen and Jordan Schmidt also co-wrote the song. The four men have penned numerous hits, often together. FGL thought about cutting this song, but agreed to let Aldean have it because he was going into the studio before they were.

There Will Be a Duet!

Talking to syndicated radio show Ty, Kelly & Chuck Aldean said he'll sing with a female on his new album, but it's not his wife Brittany (who can sing, in case you forgot) or High Noon Neon Tour opener Lauren Alaina. Aldean has done three previous guy/girl duets for his albums: Kelsea Ballerini joined him for "First Time Again" on They Don't Know, Kelly Clarkson joined him for "Don't You Wanna Stay" on My Kinda Party, and Miranda Lambert joined him for "Grown Woman" on Relentless.

Country's Best Duet? Here's Our Favorite! 

Two Confirmed Album Cuts

Two fist-pumping arena-rock songs are "Gettin' Warmed Up" and "Set It Off," Aldean tells TK&C. The first was recorded just last week and by title only (perhaps) recalls another pre-game hit for Aldean, "Just Gettin' Started."

Two Maybe Album Cuts

With the exception of his self-titled debut, Aldean has always included a title track, so it's reasonable to assume a song called "Rearview Town" is on the album. It's also likely his tour name is at least referred to on the album. During the radio interview, he said it was just a cool name for a tour, but he was also able to explain what a High Noon Neon is: basically it's day drinking. Now that sounds like a good country song, don't you think?

Rearview Town Is a Sonic Cornucopia

Previous albums have leaned rock (My Kinda Party, They Don't Know) or leaned R&B (Old Boots, New Dirt), but this album will have all of it.

Don't Expect a Las Vegas Song

Broken Bow Records

Aldean is looking to move on from the tragedy, saying that it's difficult to keep coming back to the images and memories. The 40-year-old has never shown tremendous amounts of vulnerability on his albums, and it seems unlikely he will on this new album, due April 13. He did share one story from the Route 91 stage that may chill your bones.

Speaking to SiriusXM's Storme Warren, he recalled finding a bullet lodged in his bass player's bass. Had he not been wearing a solid-body guitar at that moment it's likely the gunshot would have ripped into his gut. Shockingly, no members of the music community were amongst the 58 killed on Oct. 1. Aldean's band got off stage without being harmed.

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