After nearly two months, Jason Boland and the Stragglers are still at No. 1 on the Texas music chart with their single 'Mary Ellen's Greenhouse,' and a few of their Red Dirt peers have had enough. Slowly but surely, Kevin Fowler has inched his way into the second place slot (up from No. 3 just last week), while Kyle Park made a more obvious leap across multiple places, landing in the third spot from No. 8.

While those three duke it out for the top dog position, the rest of the chart-goers mingle amongst themselves. Aaron Watson enters the Top 5 this week with 'Fast Cars Slow Kisses,' as Cody Canada and the Departed sit just outside at No. 6 -- up from the last position a week ago.

Texas duo Rosehill have made an especially notable feat in this week's chart news as they reached No. 7 with their single 'Dream it All Over Again'; their highest chart placement to date. The twosome have plans to follow up their success with another single as soon as January before returning to the studio to record a whole new album of hits.

Behind them, Brandon Rhyder, Reckless Kelly and Wade Bowen round out the Top 10. Check back next week to see how the fight for first place is resolved, as well as whether or not Rosehill will outdo themselves and move up the chart some more.

Texas Music Chart

  • 10. Wade Bowen - 'Saturday Night'

    Saturday Night - Single
  • 9. Reckless Kelly - 'Good Luck and True Love'

    Good Luck & True Love
  • 8. Brandon Rhyder - 'In the Country'

  • 7. Rosehill - 'Dream It All Over Again'

    White Lines and Stars
  • 6. Cody Canada and the Departed - 'Skyline Radio'

    This Is Indian Land
  • 5. Aaron Watson - 'Fast Cars Slow Kisses'

    The Road & the Rodeo
  • 4

    4. Max Stalling - '6 x 9 Speakers'

  • 3. Kyle Park - 'Make or Break Me'

    Make or Break Me
  • 2. Kevin Fowler - 'That Girl'

    That Girl - Single
  • 1

    1. Jason Boland and the Stragglers - 'Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse'