Kyle Park explores the redemptive power of lasting love in the video for his latest song, "What the Heaven."

The Texas-based singer-songwriter co-wrote the new song with CJ Solar and Brinley Addington, and it details his character's journey from struggling sinner to a man who's found his true purpose.

"Then just like an angel, you turned the whole thing around / Girl, look at me now," he sings before launching into the chorus, which says, "What the heaven am I gonna do with you / You saved me from all the hell that I've gone through / Pulled me off that dead-end road, put me up on streets of gold / You gave me love that I could hold onto / Now what the heaven am I gonna do with you."

Park tells Taste of Country that "What the Heaven" is about "the dream of every man or woman to find that special someone who makes them feel so good inside that he/she can't tell the difference between heaven and earth. It's that simple."

The video underscores that theme by interspersing shots of Park and his dream girl, making the interesting choice to depict them separately throughout so viewers can imagine their own happy ending. It is premiering exclusively with Taste of Country.

Park's previous single, “Don’t Forget Where You Come From,” hit #1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report singles chart, and "What the Heaven" is following in its footsteps, currently residing at No. 2. He's currently working to finish his sixth studio album, also titled Don't Forget Where You Come From, which he is readying for release in 2018.

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