Kyle Park's winning new video for "Come On" features a very special guest appearance from man's best friend —  a scene-stealing dog named Uno.

"Come On" is the latest single from Park's fifth studio album, The Blue Roof Sessions. The Texas-based artist built his career independently over the course of four previous records, and he took a fresh approach to the new material.

“The new album is definitely more rocking,” Park says. “With this album, we didn’t record it in a normal recording studio … I leased a house on Lake Travis in Austin. We brought all the recording equipment to the house and I wrote half the songs the month I recorded the album in the house, so it has a very natural, organic feeling.”

The video for "Come On" is a surefire cure for the winter blues, featuring a young couple in a carefree frolic with their dog, playing with a Frisbee and then following the adorable pooch into an abandoned house, where they stage an impromptu dance party for two. The clip perfectly captures the feeling of young love, buoyed by the uptempo, fun track.

"Come on, come on, let's get a little whiskey / Come on, come on, we're love drunk and tipsy / Come on, come on, baby just kiss me," Kyle sings in the chorus.

"Filming the video at Kevin Fowler's Rustic Ranch was a blast!" Park exclaims. "Working with producer Paul De La Cerda during my sixth consecutive video was great as always, actress/musician Kensie Coppins and actor Chris Cameron were naturals behind the camera, and Uno was the most well trained dog I've ever been around. It sure makes things easy when you're surrounded by great talent!"

Keep up with Park at his official website, or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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