Texas-based country artist Kyle Park is getting ready to release a new album, and he's sharing an early look at one of the new tracks exclusively with Taste of Country readers.

Park wrote "What Goes Around Comes Around" with fellow Lone Star State artist Thom Shepherd. The song will appear on his forthcoming fifth studio album, which is tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2015. The gritty track juxtaposes acoustic and electric rhythm guitars, with a sizzling electric slide lead over the top.

The lyrics explore a love-gone-wrong scenario: "You'll call it love and deny the truth / You won't even realize you're being used / 'Til it's too late / What goes around comes around, babe." The middle section features a trade-off solo between electric guitar and organ, adding some nice bluesy textures to the track.

The song is slated as the lead single from Park's upcoming fifth album. "The new album will be 12 songs, and it's called The Blue Roof Sessions," he tells Digital Journal. "It should be coming out in September, I think — late summer, early fall. That's the idea."

Park — who has built his career independently over the course of his four studio albums — says the new material is a step in a fresh musical direction. "The new album is definitely more rocking," he observes. "With this album, we didn't record it in a normal recording studio... I leased a house on Lake Travis in Austin. We brought all the recording equipment to the house and I wrote half the songs the month I recorded the album in the house, so it has a very natural, organic feeling."

For more information on Kyle Park, visit his website.

Listen to Kyle Park, "What Goes Around Comes Around"

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