Kyle Park sure knows how to throw a party ... and it all starts with a golf ball. In his 'Turn That Crown Upside Down' video -- premiering exclusively on Taste of Country -- the Texas hitmaker gets down with a few friends.

'Turn That Crown Upside Down' is Park's fifth single from his studio album, 'Beggin' for More.' The signer has quite an interesting story to go along with his music. This album is his fourth in a career which he created primarily on his own, serving as the artist and the record label. Ever since his first hit with 'The Night is Young,' Texas country fans have craved more from the singer.

In the 'Turn That Crown Upside Down' video, directed by Paul De La Cerda, the bash begins with a little golf. Park tees up (beers aren't too far behind) and hits a few balls, and it's not long until he's drinking out of a red Solo cup, surrounded by friends playing drinking games in a pool.

Later, in the house, Park is followed down the stairs by those same golf balls. The camera follows them throughout, which adds an especially unique twist to the clip that will make you long for Friday nights. The singer trades his Bass Pro Shop ball cap in for a cowboy hat at one point, singing with a bunch of beautiful ladies in what looks like a tour bus.

The pool party continues with bikini clad babes, underwater drinking and even a little dancing. If nothing else, this video will have you reminiscing over summer fun and longing for warmer temperatures yet again.

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