Kyle Park delivers a universal message in his new song, "Don't Forget Where You Come From," and his new video for the track will serve as an inspiration for all who see it.

The clip begins with an earnest prayer delivered in the cab of a pickup truck: "Lord, I give you all that I am this day. Please brush away my weariness so that I may be inspired in my work. I trust you are with me. Amen."

That simple prayer centers the hard-working who is the video's main character for a hard day that includes picking up extra work trying to make his dreams come true, and finding out that his primary job is in jeopardy. When he receives a call from his mother asking him to come home due to his dad's health, the hard news takes him on a trip down memory lane, all of his thoughts punctuated by the words his father had always told him: "Pray out loud, do us proud / And son, don't forget where you come from."

"'Don't Forget Where You Come From' is a message about family, faith, and pride in the path you take in life,” Park tells Taste of Country. “Six [Sanchez] and I were talking about a friend of his who had left home with three pieces of advice from his mother and father: make us proud; pray for the ones you love, and don't forget where you come from. This song is that story, and a song I'm very proud of."

The Texas-based artist worked with director Paul De La Cerda on the new video, as he did for his previous videos for "Come On" and "Rednecks With Paychecks," among others. De La Cerda is well-known for his extensive work with Granger Smith. The "Don't Forget Where You Come From" video is debuting exclusively on Taste of Country.

For more information on Kyle Park, visit his official website. “Don't Forget Where You Come From” is available for download at iTunes.

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