Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges is anticipating a first in his 60-plus year career in the entertainment business. On Tuesday, August 16, the 61-year-old actor's self-titled debut album will be available for purchase. Bridges signed with Blue Note Records/EMI Music Group earlier this year, following his role as a grizzled former country music legend in the 2009 award-winning movie, 'Crazy Heart.'

The label and Bridges have been hard at work on an entire album of original songs that are honest and true to the actor and musician. The 10 tracks on 'Jeff Bridges' have many familiar names beside them, including 'Falling Short,' 'Tumbling Vine' and 'Slow Boat,' which were written or co-written by Bridges.

"I've been acting since I was 6-months-old. My parents handed me off on a movie set to one of their friends who was directing a movie," notes Bridges. "That was the beginning of my acting career. As far as playing music, I guess that would go back to maybe 13 or 14. I was always hoping that I could keep my music still cooking out there on the stove. I have been very fortunate that I have been able to do that. Then, a couple of years ago, 'Crazy Heart' came down the path. That was just an amazing, amazing experience. When that movie was over, I found that I had quite a few songs that didn't get to make that film. Those are some of the songs that are here on this album."

For those who think Bridges is looking for nothing more than just a publicity stunt with the new record, think again. Music has always been something that Bridges has kept had a passion for, dating back to his teenage years.

"Music for me is like a weed that keeps springing up no matter how thick the concrete is," Bridges says. "It somehow manages to work its way toward the light. I've been doing music since I was a young teen, and man, I'm really digging the way the weed has popped through this concrete."

The first single off 'Jeff Bridges' is the album's first track, 'What a Little Love Can Do.'

Watch Jeff Bridges Talk About the Making of His New Album

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