Well, this is certainly one way to get Jelly Roll's attention at one of his shows.

Several videos shared on TikTok show a man climbing to the top of a concert venue where Jelly Roll was set to perform.

Jelly Roll Wants to Help Roof Climber

The country singer recently performed at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, just outside of Akron. Between songs, a man was spotted scaling the side of the concert venue on the way onto its roof.

The man can be seen continuing up the steep venue roof until he reaches the peak. Several members of the crowd can be heard cheering as he raises his arms to celebrate.

Bridgette Hall was among those who shared a video of the man climbing the roof on TikTok, with the caption, "did you get arrested?"

Jelly Roll got word of the video and hopped into the comments to offer assistance.

"If he did, I want to bond him out, LOL," the singer writes on Hall's video.

bridgettehall_ via TikTok
bridgettehall_ via TikTok

Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie Xo, also responded to the video to request an update on what happened after the man climbed to the top of the venue.

Additional videos shared on social media show the man climbing back down from the Blossom Music Center's roof.

Another fan in the comments confirms the man did get arrested following the incident.

Jelly Roll Also Called Out a 'Brave' Fan Who Was Brought to Tears

The Cuyahoga Falls show was also notable thanks to Jelly Roll honoring a fan in attendance who has been struggling with multiple tragedies in recent years.

According to News 5 in Cleveland, Nicole Snyder of Brooklyn Heights went to see Jelly Roll sing "She." A report from the TV station notes that the song "helped her get through traumatic moments in her life."

"Something told me to make a sign, see what happens, if he'll even notice," Snyder tells the station.

Snyder created a sign with photos of her late mother and best friend who had both died in recent years.

"They were the life of my party," the sign reads, giving a nod to the song's lyrics.

In a video shared by Snyder on TikTok, Jelly Roll is seen stopping the show to ask for the sign so he can show it to the entire crowd. Snyder immediately bursts into tears.


"He handed it back to me, started singing, and after the first main chorus looked at me and said, 'I just want you to know I think about people ... the people you lost every day, I sing this song, and you're so brave to be here,'" Snyder shares.

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