It's no secret that actor and former pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a huge fan of Jelly Roll. After Jelly Roll's Whitsitt Chapel album dropped in early June, Johnson shared an enthusiastic review of the project on social media, explaining that the singer's music once helped him get through "a rough patch" in life and sharing how proud he is of the success Jelly Roll has seen in the music industry.

But Johnson isn't just a fan of Jelly Roll's music: Backstage at CMA Fest on June 9, the country superstar told press that the Rock has been a supporter of his for years, through every milestone, both professional and personal.

"Dwayne Johnson reached out to me, I'm gonna say probably in 2016 or 2017," Jelly Roll explained. "He just said, 'Hey, I just want you to know that I love the music. This song really helped me through a tough time in my life.' And from then 'til now, every major or minor thing that's happened in my life, Dwayne Johnson has been the first person to send me a message.

"I mean, whether it's my daughter's birthday, her graduating the eighth grade...." the singer goes on to say. "When I got to the Grand Ole Opry, man, that dude probably sent me 20 video messages [saying], 'Dude, I am so happy for you.'"

He and Johnson have more in common than just music.

"I always try to bring Nashville back into the fold. The Rock's got Nashville roots, which is another thing that brought him to my story. He spent a little time at McGavock High School, which is where all my family went, so we have all these cool little correlations," Jelly explains. "He really understands country music. He's got a crazy story about how one of his first guitars was one of Willie Nelson's guitars."

Could fans expect to see a rock & roll duet of some kind in the near future? Jelly Roll's all for it, he says — and if he's dreaming big, he's got a couple other big-name actors that he'd love to bring onstage with him.

"Johnny Depp, he shreds. I'd like to get Johnny Depp to play on a record," the singer adds with a laugh. "...That's my formal invitation, Johnny Depp. If you wanna get involved with my next album, or if you wanna come play at the Grand Ole Opry with me and the Rock, we can set it up. I'm lying. I can't set that up. But I can try."

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